Our goal is to empower ALL girls and women from different cultures, races, and religions to build their self-esteem, to be disciplined and to work hard at whatever they set their hands and minds on doing.

What We Do

What we Look to Achieve

Meeting Goals

Meeting our goals will take various forms including but not limited to one to one conversation, workshops,seminars, retreats, and much more that are tailored to the individual or group needs. This will be done both within the United States of America and abroad with sensitivity and respect for differences in culture, race, and religion.

Boys and Men

Papa taught my sisters and I to love, respect, and honor boys and men, but not to be afraid of them or intimidated by them, and not to label any achievement as boys or men’s only. He often said, “girls can do what boys can do sometimes even better”. With this mindset Koha Girls Inc. is open to boys and men involvement. We do not live in an independent all women’s world, so we encourage the full participation of all boys and men. We honor the men in our family who have played the roles of brothers to us, we honor our husbands, our sons, and all of the men that we associate with professionally and personally. We welcome the support of all boys and men.

Girls and Women

To all girls and women who believe in our mission and vision, we ask you to please join us. Please support our initiatives in whatever form it will present. Without you we will not exist. We need your help to make us do the work that we believe in and desire to make a difference in the lives of many. Please, join us.


Koha Girls Inc

Koha Girls also known by the acronym PWAR stands for Phebe, Wia-Mae, Amy, and Ruth, daughters of the late *Mr. Clement Kemba Koha Sr. and Mrs. Ruth Mamai Phillips Koha natives of Bolahun, Lofa County, Northern Liberia, West Africa.

Koha Girls Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity and Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, formed in April 2018.

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